The Problem isn't Firearms, it's a Lack of Morality.

With terrorist attacks increasing in severity, and political propaganda permeating throughout every aspect of our modern society, it is no surprise that the mainstream media and entertainment industry are swift to politicize every tragedy occurring at the hands of domestic terrorists, before the bodies of the victims have even reached the stage of rigor mortis. Among factors of racial aggression and political bias, the media also cites the quantity of firearms, and their accessibility, as a directly responsible factor of domestic terrorist attacks. But is this statistically supported?

There are well over 300,000,000 guns within the U.S, and the Washington Post estimates that there are as many as 357,000,000. However, the conclusion that is generally drawn, which implies that there is a disproportionate amount of gun violence, is entirely erroneous.

The average annual rate of violent incidents by firearm is approximately 34,000. That’s a percentage of .00009- or, rounded up, .0001, or .01% of all firearms within the United States that are used for fatal crimes. In addition, the CDC estimates that 60%(or 20,400 of those 34,000 incidents) of gun fatalities are suicides. Only 36%(or 12,24o out of those 34,000 incidents) are actual homicides. This proves that the overwhelming majority of violence is caused by mental instability(as indicative by the high suicide rate), not by the possession of firearms themselves.

In terms of logical argument, it is immediately recognizable that the belief that gun control will halt criminal activity is entirely incoherent. The very definition of a criminal is an individual who violates the law, therefore legal restrictions will only affect law abiding citizens, like the 55 year old plumber who stopped the domestic terrorist in the Sutherland Springs church shooting. As previously demonstrated by the war on drugs, which has directly cultivated a new black market for the exchange of illegal substances like opioids.

Numerous events throughout history have demonstrated that a firearm isn’t necessary to an individual with malicious intentions. 909 individuals were killed by cyanide poisoning during the Jonestown massacre at the hands of the notorious cult leader, 304 of which were children. 9/11 was accomplished by a handful of Islamic terrorists who infiltrated and hijacked a plane with box cutters. Numerous terrorist attacks utilize knives or vehicles rather than firearms, like the attack at Ohio State University in 2016, that led to 11 people being injured, or the knife attack just yesterday in California that resulted in 4 casualties and 2 other injuries. For an individual or group that is determined to commit malicious acts of immorality and terrorism, firearms aren’t, by necessity, an integral component. These events are, however, frequently stopped by civilians who are armed.

The fundamental truth behind firearms is this: it was upon the barrels of muskets, among the scent of blood and gunpower, that our inalienable rights were torn out of the hands of Tyranny, and secured for future generations. For 243 years, we have unapologetically exercised our right to bear arms, in the understanding that instances of murder and violence are not committed by the hands of the armed, but by the hearts of the malicious. The problem is not firearms, it is cultural disease, a lack of spiritual meaning, a contingency upon materialism, and a deprivation of identity and purpose. It's psychiatric drugs, social isolation and political manipulation. Until we address these ailments rather than displacing moral responsibility onto inanimate objects, we will continue to suffer from actions of societal violence.

The Second Amendment states that: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Not the right of the government, military or police force. The right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed, in order to provide the civilian population with a substantial and effective way to:

1) Protect themselves from direct threats to their life, liberty and property, whether domestic or abroad.

2) To prevent the establishment of a totalitarian government.

In the sincere confidence of the notions of liberty, freedom, and constitutionality that we possess within these United States of America, we might echo in assurance the same words spoken by Leonidas, when presented with a demand that he surrender his weapons to the Persians:

Molon Labe.

Come and take them.

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