Prager University Sues Google & Youtube

The major Conservative media platform Prager University has announced that it anticipates launching a lawsuit against both Google and Youtube for censorship. In the suit, their statement cites 50 different instances of their videos being censored and subsequently demonetized as a result of social media bias.

While many argue that YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are protected according to their classification as private companies, their numerous controversial violations of user privacy, such as the Cambridge Analytica debacle, indicate that these corporations must be held accountable for acting under unethical terms, while clamoring for the immunity of “private companies”.

Despite PragerU’s content possessing no mature discussion, imagery or implications, Google and Youtube have attempted to justify the censorship by insisting that the content is unsuitable for younger viewers.

In response, Prager University has stated that this is nothing other than a ploy to execute actions of discrimination according to political bias, and intends to take appropriate legal action in response.

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