German Union & Youtuber Union Join Forces to Combat Censorship

In the wake of internet censorship, many have come together in new innovative strategies to combat the systematic silencing of Conservatives by social media. Among the most recent of these is the union organization IG Metall, a prominent german metalworker’s union, and the largest industrial union in Europe. Together with the YouTubers’ Union, IG Metall has created the “FairTube” campaign, in which they list a series of proposals to YouTube to guarantee transparency and fair treatment of users:

  • Publish all categories and decision criteria that affect monetization and views of videos
  • Give clear explanations for individual decisions — for example, if a video is demonetized, which parts of the video violated which criteria in the Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines?
  • Give YouTubers a human contact person who is qualified and authorized to explain decisions that have negative consequences for YouTubers (and fix them if they are mistaken)
  • Let YouTubers contest decisions that have negative consequences
  • Create an independent mediation board for resolving disputes (here the Ombuds Office of the
  • Crowdsourcing Code of Conduct can offer relevant lessons)
  • Formal participation of YouTubers in important decisions, for example through a YouTuber Advisory Board

The attempt to increase communication between actual YouTube employees with YouTube users as opposed to automated responses is intended to stimulate conversation regarding YouTube's community standards and provide solutions when users are erroneously targeted by the site's censorship. IG Metall and the Youtubers’ Union have demanded that Youtube accommodate their list of demands by August 23rd.  As of now, Youtube has 10 days and 7 hours to respond to the demands before being met with legal repercussions on behalf of the Union. Should YouTube fail to respond, the consequences following these proposals could prove monumental in the fight for free speech.

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