Bit-Burning: The New Book Burning

Conservatives face many obstacles in the modern day: a globalist establishment, a powerfully centralized federal government, constant accusations of racism and bigotry- but above all, one prominent threat rises above the rest: the sweeping phenomena of systematic censorship against the right wing. This threat has become an increasingly severe problem over the last several months.

In the ironic name of political tolerance and anti-extremism, even right-leaning centrists and moderates have been swept up in a widespread attack against conservatives by social media.

Individuals like Candace Owens, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, and others have been censored or permanently silenced on Facebook.

In addition to this, the social media site has unveiled a list of individuals that they deem “hate agents”, or, Conservatives that are deemed dangerously controversial due to their political beliefs, and are thus silenced accordingly.

Steven Crowder and Dustin Nemos have been demonetized on YouTube; others, like Ford Fischer, an independent journalist who documents political events, and Allsop History, a teacher who posted historical videos online for the sake of education, were also swept up in the controversy, not for demonstrating "extremist" views, but for simply discussing and acknowledging historical fact and political discussion.

The idea that we must endure censorship, simply upon the basis of discussing the existence of ideas that we may not even entirely agree with, sets an incredibly dangerous precedent.

In what appears to be a nightmarishly surreal dystopia, several activists on the right wing have even had their bank accounts shut down, as a result of political bias. Enrique Tarrio, chairman of the Proud boys, veteran Joe Biggs, American Guard President Brien James, and Conservative Rebel media activist Martina Markota, were all subjected to having their financial resources effectively destroyed.

We now live in a society that not only excuses censorship, but actively encourages and facilitates it- all contrary thought must be destroyed, all dissident voices, silenced, all inconvenient facts, erased.

How did we become so ensnared within this totalitarian agenda, in a country established upon the unprecedented philosophy of liberty? Simply put, liberty is deemed dangerous; its guarantee is one of freedom in differences and hierarchy, and the acknowledgement of intellectual diversity, rather than the authoritative conformity of thought that dons a façade of equality, but in actuality, guarantees only slavery.

The founding fathers recognized all rights as being preceded by the capacity to verbally and physically express them, and the ability to speak without obstruction was deemed so significant that it would not only be the first right explicitly stated within the Constitution, but would also be reinforced by the ability to bear arms in defense of it.

The transformation of the ways by which information is shared might have drastically changed in the last century, but the methods are the same: newspapers have given way to social media, but the censorious tactics of the totalitarian yet persist. Doxxing, harassment, oppression and censorship run rampant; book burning has given way to its electronic form, bit-burning.

To respond to this censorship, we have created this platform to provide a place to unite the voices of dissidence, who stand in rebellion against the globalists, left wing authoritarians, and communists who insist upon attacking the constitutional rights that are inherent to us as Americans. No longer will we accept being silenced or censored. No longer will we allow our inherent constitutional rights to be unjustifiably stolen from us. No longer will we rescind our liberties for the sake of others' sensitivities.

To that end, we're calling upon supporters, activists, Conservative influencers, and every other patriotic American who desires to take a stand in the war against censorship, to unite with us in the spirit of liberty, constitutionality, and patriotism. The time has come to unite. The time has come to fight. The time has come to act.

Stop bit-burning.

"Nothing is more fertile in wondrous effects than the art of being free but nothing is harder than freedom's apprenticeship." --Alexis De Tocqueville

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