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To End Speech Censorship In America.

3%. That is the percentage of patriotic citizens who possessed the powerful courage to stand in defiant opposition to the British crown. Our founding fathers, with unwavering tenacity, represented those who believed in fighting, with dignity, honor, and loyalty, against those who had every intention of depriving them of their intrinsic liberties and rights, despite knowing that taking such a radical position could likely lead to the gallows.While the other 97% remained in comfortable complacency, that patriotic minority chose to stand in honorable defiance of totalitarianism.

We are that 3%.Today, we face the same challenge, as the establishment seeks to undermine the Constitutional authority that we hold so dear. Every single patriotic voice matters, and united, we will demonstrate to our enemies that we intend on fighting to preserve the rights that are inherent to us. It’s time to join the fight.


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